WorldMEETING is online multimedia conference service via Internet and PSTN network, providing conference call , video conference, online training solution(E-learning).

WorldMEETING has many features and advanced extensions, supporting clients to set up conference, management  and information exchange. WorldMEETING provides conference solution for customers everywhere and everytime, flexibly and quickly, saving time and and cost, supporting for making decisions quickly and effectively.



Powerful server system in Vietnam, not affected by unstable international transmission line.

Simple to register and use. Registering by sending 1 message. Needing only a phone for joining conference. Interface is used, managed visually via web.

HD/SD- standard video can be customized, depending on the route.

Sending email and SMS to visitors with a click.

Supporting to joining conference via many devices: mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, PC or dedicated devices for conference.


Reducing 95% cost( comparing with normal conference). One-year fee for online conference service is equal to price of air ticket(Hanoi-HCM ).

Saving time of moving and organizing conference. Company can invite hundred people in a minute.

It’s not necessary to invest a conference device with multi million dollars. With WorldMEETING, requirement is only to invest terminals (usually available) or dedicated devices( camera, speaker) for large conference.

Application/ solution

Video conference is for businesses having many national and international branches. Registering meeting schedule by week, month, quarter, year, depending on customer’s decision

Online training, virtual classes for schools, training center.

Conferencing call/Audio conferencing with relatives, customers via mobile phone/ desk phone or VoiP(Worldfone’s function) over the world.